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Ireland v France – There Saint No Doubt!

by Paddy Power | October 8, 2015

Wow. That regular season of the World Series of Rugby has just flown by, hasn’t it? It’s been crazy. The England Chariots don’t make the play-offs; the Tokyo Godzillas upset the South Africa Reeboks; it’s been awesome. Go rugby!

The final weekend of the divisions has two stand-out games. The Australia Wallaroos face off against the Wales Dragons to who gets the number one seed in the RWC West. That game should be radical, but the one I’ve got in my sights is the Ireland Boozehounds versus the France Cockerels. They’ve both qualified for the play-offs, but the winner will get to avoid the All African Americans in Conference game.

It’s a tough game to call. I like Ireland. It’s my favourite part of the UK. I spent some time there tracing my ancestry and for the low price of just €4,000, I got a certificate proving I’m a third cousin of Brian Boru, the famous Irish warrior and vodka maker. Fun times. I got to spend some time in Temple Bar. Wow – that’s some place. The history was incredible. I saw some guys that were so overwhelmed, they had to relieve themselves right there on the street. This one guy was so excited, he barfed right on my shoes. What a guy. We visited this old place called Supermacs, serving traditional Irish food like Curry Cheese Chips and the Snack Box.

France are more unpredictable than Charlie Sheen on a big night out. Some times they get the O-line moving and they’ve unstoppable. Other times they don’t and all of a sudden the defense looks weaker than a molar with no enamel.

I’m going for a win for Ireland. If Johnny Sexting gets the rush game going, they’ll be too strong for the Frenchies.


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