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Punting Hall of Fame: How one lucky punter scooped £401k and a new set of window wipers from just an 80p bet

It's been another life changing Tuesday for one Paddy Power Games Customer. Here's how he scooped £401k from an 80p spin

by Josh Powell | October 13, 2015

Tuesdays. They’re starting to become known as ‘Jackpot Day’ in Power Tower and they have the bean-counters waking up in cold sweats. Last month, we told how a lucky customer CM from Kildare won over €100k on a Tuesday, and another lucky customer in Games has only gone and done the same and won over £401k on our Exclusive Slot Little Red Riding Hood from just an 80p stake. Don’t worry, that ping of jealousy you’re feeling now is perfectly normal.

DB from Cornwall is the lucky man to have collected the loot and we got him on the blower to find out how he was feeling. Our very own interviewer in Games is starting to run out of jackpot clichés and puns due to all these winners recently, but still, he motors on and hes caught up DB this week to hear all about the big win.

PP: DB, firstly congratulations on your amazing win! £401k from £80p stake – How do you feel?
DB: At first I just didn’t believe it. I didn’t think it was real. I was looking at the screen thinking ‘something has gone wrong here. I’ll wake up in a minute.’ But no… was very much real.


PP: So you’re playing away on our exclusive Jackpot game Little Red Riding Hood. You’re playing 80p stakes, then it lights up, the screen flashes – ‘You’ve Won the Jackpot £401k’ – What’s going through your mind?
DB: It’s a bit of dreamland at the moment. I remember the flashing reels, then it all lit up ‘Congratulations Jackpot Winner!’, and then it went away. I blinked a few times and there was nothing. Then I glanced at my balance. I thought it said £40,000, but then I counted the zeros. Unreal. I’m pretty sure there are five zeros in a hundred thousand. One, two, three, four and five – yeah, that’s £400k in my balance. I went in and woke up my girlfriend, but she was like ‘That’s not real’.

After it all died down a bit, I tried to sleep, but naturally I couldn’t. I kept checking my phone and the balance to make sure it was all there. I then remembered you guys had 24 hour customer service, so to put my mind at rest, I gave them a ring. The guy on the phone mentioned there was ‘significant action’ on my account. Ha! He confirmed it was all legit and someone would be in touch in the morning. That put my mind at ease and I was eventually able to sleep.


PP: What are the plans for the cash or have you had time to think about that?
DB: I’m trying to stay level headed. I went into work the next morning trying to keep calm and I told my boss what was going on. He was great and allowed me time to head off to get some things boxed off with the bank etc.

I’m delighted to say we have decided to buy our first family home. We were trying to save for a mortgage, but now I am able to buy a house, mortgage free. It’s unbelievable being able to even say that. This time last week, I couldn’t even have even imagined saying that. We will take our time though and make sure we pick the right one. I’m very level headed with money though – I bought new window wipers the other day. That’s the only thing I’ve spent the money on so far! We will do something nice for both our families though. We were going to go on a family holiday next year anyway, so this way we can pay for it and enjoy this moment with our closest family.

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PP: New window wipers? Nice! Brand new?
DB: Haha! Yes, I felt I could stretch to new ones this time.

PP: That’s amazing, as we always say, it’s amazing to hear customers who are now in a position to buy a home, especially when it’s your first. And doing something for the family – a very nice touch we must say. Would you consider yourself to be a lucky person in general?
DB: No, nothing like this. I won a bottle of wine once in work and that’s always stuck with me.

PP: It must have been a nice bottle of wine?
DB: I don’t know, I don’t drink wine! That’s why it always stuck with me.

PP: Brilliant! What is it about the Little Red Jackpot game that attracted you to it?
DB: To be honest I played it before, and I liked the key features and bonus rounds. I won £50 off it before, so I guess the good experience just stuck with me. I’m a creature of habit, so once I find a game and like it, I tend to stick with it.

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PP: Little Red Riding Hood is an exclusive game to Paddy Power, did you know that when playing it?
DB: I was aware it was exclusive and I have played them before. I do like them, I like the Little Red game as it’s quite an enjoyable game and I know the story of Little Red Riding Hood from a kid.

PP: Being a Jackpot player, would you care to predict the next one you think might go?
DB: I’m going to play it safe and say which Jackpot I think WON’T drop next – and that’s Little Red!

PP: Very clever, I like that! To finish, how would you describe the win in a few words?
DB: Unbelievable. Total shock. Just speechless. It’s also great in terms of these calls. I think it’s a very calming aspect of the service from Paddy Power, as when you win a life-changing amount of money, all kind of emotions are running through your head. You are panicked and nervous. But your staff have been really excellent if keeping in touch and a calming influence to me over the last few days as we got all this set up. It’s been really top notch.

PP: That’s fantastic to hear DB, we really appreciate that. Well, on behalf of all the guys here at Paddy Power, we wish you all the luck in the world, and a massive congratulations on your win. We hope you find the dream home, and pick up some more window-wipers!

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