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In Cardiff for the RWC Quarter-Final? Have a look at our 12ft tribute to Paul O’Connell

by Paddy Power | October 18, 2015

On the 11th of October 2015 a country held it’s breath as one of it’s greatest warriors collapsed. To see Paul O’Connell have to be carried off the pitch against France had an entire country in tears. For 13 years Paul O’Connell and his ‘manic f***ing aggression’ put the fear of God into opponents everywhere.

For the last week tributes have been flowing in from all over the world for Limericks finest and we here at Paddy Power would be remiss if we didn’t add our own little tribute to the greatest ginger since Ron Weasley.

After their little Sam Burgess stunt the Paddy Power marketing team realised that if they were to get anymore champagne they would need something a little bigger. So they’ve decided to once again to roll out of their chairs spring into action and unveil a 12 foot statue of Paul O’Connell in Cardiff before the quarter-final against Argentina with the caption “Paul O’Connell – Putting The Fear Of God Into Opponents Since 2002”.

18.10.15 - Paddy Power Paul O'Connell Statue, Cardiff - Paddy Power was on hand to unveil a tribute to injured Paul O'Connell in Cardiff today

To say that the injury to Psycho was disappointing is like saying that the ending to The Sopranos was a little annoying. In sport, especially rugby, you don’t always get the chance to say goodbye to your heroes. Brian O’Driscoll was lucky enough to get his farewell, but Paulie wasn’t so lucky. So we decided to allow the mountain of Irish fans that are in town a chance to say goodbye to a true hero of Ireland.

Paddy Power, a spokesperson for Paddy Power, said:

The loss of Paul O’Connell is so devastating that you’d swear George R.R. Martin wrote the script. As much as we’d love to, we can’t give him new hamstrings but we can make him a bloody massive statue that will hopefully help to further rally the already bonkers Irish support.

A horrible way for one of the greatest men to ever pull on that wonderful green jersey to end his career for the national side, but we hope that this puts a smile on the face of the great man and put the fear of God into the Puma’s. #ThankPaulie.

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