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The Madness of Mark Lawrenson

by Ben | November 6, 2015

*It’s Fri-day, Fri-day, gotta get down on Fri-day.*

*Or Satur-day, Satur-day, Satur-day, or some other day because the nature of online content means you can consume it at a time that suits you … *

*Partyin’, partyin’ yeah*
*Partyin’, partyin’ yeah*
*Fun, fun, fun, fun*
*Lookin’ forward to the weekend*
*Or lamenting the weekend being over for the reason stated above*

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for our weekly Friday quiz – our quiz that’s barely weekly and doesn’t actually need to be done on Friday. This week, we’re testing your knowledge of a man who was a stalwart of the moustaches that propelled Liverpool to huge success during the 1980s and has since gone to have a successful career in punditry where he had managed to make Alan Hansen look insightful, fashionable and articulate for years on Match of the Day.


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