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UFC Sao Paulo Preview: Belfort for the KO and Almedia for the 111/1 treble

UFC Fight Night Sao Paulo is going to be a bloodbath and if you're staying up for it here's where the money's at

by Paddy Power | November 7, 2015

UFC Fight Night: Sao Paulo or UFC Fight Night: Dinosaurs as it may as well be called with the combined age of the main event fight being 83 years old. Dan Henderson is 45 years old while Vitor Belfort is a sprightly 38. You may be forgiven that thinking because of the age of the two men that the fight will be a boring snooze fest. Wrong.

Belfort is famous for his brain shattering head kicks of which Hendo knows all about and the H-Bombs that Hendo can land will put you cold quicker than Micheal Owen on a hot day. Ask Michael Bisping about these guys. He knows all about it.

But lets not forget about the rest of the fights that include 20-0 Thomas Almedia taking on Anthony Birchak and Glover Teixeira is looking to get closer to another title shot with a win over Patrick Cummins.

Vitor Belfort v Dan Henderson:

Oh God this should be a terrific fight. These two guys have been fighting for nearly 20 years. Not many people can do that and still be relevant. Neither has that long left realistically, but with the personal score tied at 1-1 they will want this settled and not by the judges. Four of Vitor’s last five wins have come by KO, with the other being a rear naked choke win over Anthony Johnson. It’s the same for Dan. Four KO’s from five. We’re in for a slug fest folks. I can bloody feel it!

If this was anywhere other than Brazil I would say we would have one the bloodiest, grittiest, back and forth brawls of all time, but it is in Brazil and the fans will be baying for blood. Hendo is slowing down and unless he pulls out the sort of performance he did against Tim Boetsch Vitor should be able to catch him with his flying fists and knock him the f*ck out. Vitor to knock Dan out is 4/7, but to knock him out in the second round is a much more enticing .

Glover Teixeira v Patrick Cummins

Glover Teixeira has said that he wants to get another title shot, but the UFC pitting him against a guy who was a barista only a couple of years before he started fighting in the promotion doesn’t scream title contender. That’s a bit harsh on Cummins who is 4-2 in the UFC so far, but the two fights he lost were against actual good fights and he was KO’d in both. He’s a decent fighter, but he’s very one-dimensional in his fighting and Teixeira should have enough to KO him in his home country.

Again who wants a boring KO win? Bacon haters that’s who. And we love bacon which is why an punt on Teixeira to put Cummins away in the first round is the best bet of the night. Cummins doesn’t have enough in the locker to be able to stand there and trade punches with a guy who has won 61 percent of his 23 wins via KO and he sure as hell doesn’t have the ground game to submit him. This fight looks as clear cut as a John Terry shagged someone joke.

Thomas Almedia v Anthony Birchak

HOLY CRAP THIS SHOULD BE AN ABSOLUTE BLOODBATH BETWEEN TWO GUYS WHO JUST WANT TO GO OUT THERE AND WHALE ON EACH OTHER. Ahem.. If Thomas Almedia does win what could well be the fight of the night he will be have to be looked at as a serious challenger to TJ Dillashaw’s belt.

It’s very, very hard to look past Almedia. He’s undefeated, won 19 of his 20 bouts by KO and is in his home country. But Anthony Birchak is the same type of fighter. Both like to get into the pocket and fire off shots or clinch up and let the knees do the work. We could see a fight similar to the Lineker-Rivera fight (here) and Almedia’s faster and more accurate striking could see him pick up a KO win.

I’d happily sit around all night and watch these two kick the everloving shite out of each other, but there has to be a KO in this fight and Almedia to pick it up in the second round looks the best bet. He’s notoriously slow to start, but comes alive in the later rounds. Just ask Brad Pickett. for the second round KO? Yes please. 

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