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FANAQ: Let us tackle some of your most frequently asked new app questions

by Aidan Elder | November 10, 2015

FANAQ. Not the catchiest name for a blog article we’ve ever come up with admittedly. We wanted to call it frequently asked apping questions – FAPPING Questions for short – but for some reason our SEO nearly vomited into their decaf soy latte with an extra shot and creams when we told them.

If you’ve somehow successfully avoided the Paddy Power Marketing Bulldozer up to this point, then let us fill you in. We’ve got a new iPhone App. Whoooop whoooop! We think it’s great and it’s got loads of really nice new features. But still, change is difficult and anytime you move from the old to the new, certain issues are likely to arise. We’ve compiled some of the most asked, most satisfied and most abusive tweets and hopefully we can provide some solid answers. Or hurl some abuse at them.

Let’s get started.

#1 The Android Issue


Hi David. Nice profile pic BTW. You look a lot like Daniel Craig.

This is the most common question we get. That’s not a passive aggressive way of attacking your creativity, it’s just a comment on how frustrating it is for the sizeable non-Steve Jobs brown-nosing community out there. We’re well aware of the community and the short answer is we’re not allowed have a gambling app in the Google Play Store. We would never dream of criticising any decision made by our Google Overlords the company, but it’s totally down to that. We do actually have an Android app but it’s only available via Paddy Power, not the Play Store. To get it:

  • open in your phone’s web browser
  • you should see a banner providing a link for download
  • hit download and then return to feeling smug about not being one of those iPhone sheep

There are plans to update the Android app in early 2016, but all with all things reliant on our tech nerds, it depends on how good the new Star Wars movie is and how much/little time they spend online talking about it. We call it the ‘Inverse Star Wars Quality To Complaints Ratio’. So sit tight and hope Forest Whitaker doesn’t suck as whatever wise yet morally ambiguous character he’ll almost certainly portray.

PS – you never told us who you thought would win the North London derby. Boooooo.

#2 Correct Scores On The Football


This is kind of a big one and Mr Paul Pils is right to point it out. Less right is using #fail. We find that to be #rude.

Trying to be all helpful and not have the requirement of scrolling through loads of Correct Score options that don’t interest you, we decided to list a whole load of options behind a button. The problem is, not many people know to click on the button, partially because it doesn’t look like something you can click. Our bad. This is being fixed in the very near future, but in the meantime, just click the button and you should get a menu where you can build the Correct Score option you want, like so:


Hopefully that will solve the issue. As for the Customer Service part, we’ve revoked their access to YouTube and told them to pull the finger out. We hope that helps.

#3 Results


Why – in the name of God – do you have to use ‘in the name of God’, Jason? It makes you seem so angry. It makes you seem ‘I’ll slash your tyres with a broken bottle’ type of angry when guessing by your profile picture, you’re a more calculating ‘putting a few sneaky drops of urine in your pints’ kind of angry. And don’t get me started on the ‘my gran has just died and I’m looking at something on the floor’ emoji. That just makes us feel bad.

To finally get around to your question, the Results tab can be found by going:

(1) A-Z >>> (2) Help >>> (3) Results


Yeah, that makes limited sense to us as well. Result!

#4 Building An Acca


Yes, yes you can El Padrino with your angry-looking emoji profiler. Thanks for your question. Bye.

Er … we’ve been told to provide more detail so in that spirit, we’ll elaborate. It’s actually really easy to place accas on the new app. Just go to the bet you want, tap the selection you want and if you haven’t messed up those basic instructions, it should be added to your betslip. To see the betslip, simply swipe left from the right hand edge of your screen and you should see something like this, only with decent bets:


F*cking Army United FC – always letting us down.

#5 Just Being Angry


Awww … that’s a shame Alain. And all this after we rated you a ‘5’ on our new ‘People Who Can Successfully Pull Off Wearing Lidl Ski Goggles’ app. Oh well.

#6 Crashing App


Hi Dylan. That’s a new feature on the app which recognises you’re terrible at gambling on football and shuts it down immediately.

Emmm … not really. Although that would be useful for some of the blog team’s woeful betting, it is an error. In order to stop this happening, try:

1. Making sure your app is up to date
2. Try again
3. Relax, kick back and think about how you have all the right junk in all the right places

#7 Free Bets

There’s no such thing as a silly question, Mr. Schooling. Except for the classic ‘would you prefer to be trampled to death by 1,000 duck-sized horses or sit through one Michael McIntyre stand-up show that has nothing to do with horse-sized ducks?’ Bring on the 1,000 duck-sized horses every day of the week.

The answer to your question is relatively straight-forward. If you have a Free Bet waiting for you, it should appear at the top of the app below where your balance is being displayed. Right about here:


If there’s nothing displaying there, it means you have no free bets [sad smiley emoji]. If you think you’re due a free bet and don’t have it, that’s a different issue, also one we’re happy to help with. Give the good folks at @AskPaddyPower a shout on Twitter or contact to our helpful Customer Service staff who – unlike our blog team – actually know what they’re talking about.

If you find the idea of conversation daunting have a search through our extensive help section by using key words related to your query.

  • So, it’s not quite perfect … yet, but it’s still pretty snazzy. Download it now here, and tell all your friends about it.


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