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LET’S GET QUIZZICAL! How well do you know some of sport and film’s most high stakes showdowns?

How well do you know some of sport and film's most high stakes showdowns?

by Aidan Elder | November 13, 2015

It’s that time of the week when we start to wind down for the weekend and think of the glorious days ahead filled with sport, alcohol and most likely regret.

If you happen to work to work in the Paddy Power Marketing Department, you probably think we’re talking about Tuesday, but in actual fact we’re talking about Friday which means it’s time for one of our semi-legendary really confusing kind of sports quizzes.

The Premier League is on a break due to the international football, but with play-off action and the chance of an early exit from Euro 2016 at stake for Ireland, the pressure is intense. In honour of their play-off with Bosnia-Herzegovina (and of course all the other play-offs we care deeply about) we’ve put together this little quiz to test you knowledge of some of the most high stakes sporting moments in both sport and movie sport.

So, open up an Excel document, give it a go and quickly switch over to the Excel document if you think the boss is looking at your screen wondering why you’re looking at a picture of Joshua Jackson from when he was about 11. Best of luck!

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