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WWE Survivor Series 2015: Back the Brothers of Destruction to send the Wyatt Family to hell on Sunday

The Undertaker and Kane are together again, and as the WWE celebrates Taker's 25th year in the business, we're backing the Brothers of Destruction to pick up the win against the Wyatts

by Josh Powell | November 17, 2015

This weekend’s Survivor Series at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, will mark The Undertaker’s 25th year in the WWE. The hype-machine has been out in force for Taker over the last few weeks, and since his loss to Brock Lesnar at Hell In A Cell in October a fresh angle against the Wyatt Family has developed and will come to a head at Survivor Series.

The Undertaker will reunite with his brother Kane to reform the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ tag-team – one that hasn’t been seen on TV since battling Chris Jericho and The Big Show to a no contest in 2009. Six years later and they’re well worth siding with to pick up a win at Survivor Series at odds of .


For starters, The Undertaker rarely loses at Survivor Series – and it’s unlikely that the powers that be in WWE Tower are going to have him lose on his 25th Anniversary. Taker has a 71 per cent win record from 17 matches at Survivor Series – with his only defeats coming against Batista (2007), Mr Kennedy (2006), Vince McMahon (2003), Kurt Angle (2000) and The Rock (1998). in four of those five defeats an interference cost The Phenom. Since being part of the winning team in a classic Survivor Series Elimination match on his debut in 1990, Taker has won 12 times at the Pay Per View, including his first World Heavyweight Title win against Hulk Hogan in 1991, and most recently retaining that same piece of gold in a triple threat match against Chris Jericho and The Big Show in 2009.

Six years after his last Survivor Series appearance, and the Undertaker is back to take that record to 13-5.


Alongside him is brother Kane, who himself has a slightly weaker Survivor Series CV but just as much experience. From 16 matches he has just nine wins to his name, and The Big Red Machine has lost three of his last four at the Survivor Series event, albeit three of these were in the classic team elimination matches. In singles events at the PPV, Kane is a much more respectable 5-1, with his sole defeat coming against the man he is partnering with on Sunday.

So it would seem Kane’s poor win rate is down to being part of a poor team, but that won’t be the case this weekend. The Brothers Of Destruction have won 63 per cent of their matches as a two-man team, and the duo have won on their last two Pay Per Views – against KroniK at Unforgiven in 2001 and against DDP and Kanyon at Summerslam a month earlier.


But what of the Wyatt Family? Leader Bray Wyatt comes into the bout with 70 wins from 113 matches on TV or on PPV – posting a not too shabby win rate of 62 per cent. On the flip side he lost to The undertaker at Wrestlemania and has lost four of five bouts against Kane. His choice of tag partner for the Survivor Series clash will also pose a potential punting problem. While Braun Strowman would seem like the obvious option (The Wyatt Family’s latest recruit has won 10 of his 13 WWE bouts) he is relatively inexperienced in tag competition with Bray. The two have partnered each other on five occasions racking up three wins.

Bray has a 64.5 per cent win rate when forming a team alongside Erick Rowan and a 55.6 per cent win rate when teaming with Luke Harper, although it would be no surprise to see all four members of this villainous clan get involved on Sunday night.

Can they upset the odds at ? Probably not – particularly with all the hype around The Undertaker, it seems unthinkable that he’d lose. But we said that before WrestleMania 30…

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