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Roll up, roll up!! Here’s what you need to know about Paddy Power’s version of Black Friday

by Aidan Elder | November 25, 2015

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Have you heard of Black Friday? You know that name that sounds either racist or like it’s part of some grizzly episode of ethnic cleansing? Yeah – that’s the one!

Well, it’s not about racism or ethnic cleansing, it’s actually about retail outlets selling off the crap that they priced too highly during the year just in time for getting all the over-priced Christmas stock in offering their valued customers once a year bargains because that’s exactly how business works.

At Paddy Power, we don’t really have old useless stock that no-one else wants. Well, apart from the Marketing Department. But that won’t stop us giving in to the eventual Americanisation of our culture and inevitable bowing down to future Global Emperor President Donald Trump and going along for the ride. And instead of calling it Black Friday, we’ve had a really big brain storm and decided to call it Green Friday! Because we love green! And it’s on a Friday! Yeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!

So obviously we don’t have piles of crap to sell. We just want to nose in on all the fun by offering some incredibly, almost insanely generous odds based on some of the sporting events happening next weekend – all the while moving our sports traders closer to the eventual heart-attacks they’re likely to have from operating under such high stress conditions.

If you’re thinking ‘that sounds lovely, but somewhat vague’ then you’d be right!! It is. We can’t reveal what the enhanced odds will be, but they’ll be great – trust us. Last year we offered some really great specials. And we’re not just saying that because we’re being paid to. Have a look for yourself.

Yeah, hardly any of them won, but look at the value!! LOOK AT IT!!!
This Friday, we’re doing it all over again. Hopefully, with a lot more winners.
The key things to note are:

  • Go to on Friday morning at 10am
  • Take advantage of our enhanced offers (they may not be around for long)
  • Keep coming back throughout the day to see what goodies we have on offer

That’s about it! All the benefits of Black Friday without the hassle of actually having to go to the shops or fight an American to the death for a toaster. Winner winner, leftover turkey dinner.

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