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#PPonTinder: How a random Tinder tweet ended in a Saturday night romance

It was just another ordinary day until Sarah arrived ....

by David Kent | November 29, 2015

It was 1.30pm on a Saturday afternoon as one of the cheeky scamps in the Social Media Team took a flyer on a bit of late-night love.

With the Twitter mo’chine glued to his every move on #PPonTinder.. here’s how he got on.

1. Our man meets his match …

2. A magic opening has Sarah hooked …

3. Before things take a turn for the worst…

4. Shaken, not stirred … into a smooth recovery

5. Sarah’s in but raises the stakes … and a deal is struck

7. Our man changes into his best Saturday night gear

8. First drink’s are on Paddy (receipted)…

9. Ever the bookie, another pint and a nervous 45 min wait before finally…

9. Sarah arrives!

10.Things are going well & our man grows in confidence

11. And like all good Irish love stories, it ended with THE SHIFT!

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