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WATCH : A young Tyson Fury, punching himself in the face.

by David Kent | November 29, 2015

He’s the  new heavyweight champion of the world.

And although he won’t be auditioning for X Factor anytime soon, Tyson Fury can call himself WBA, IBF and WBO champion.

But before breaking down Dr.Steelhammer Wladimir Klitschko last night in Dusseldorf, the English orthodox came close to making boxing history  back in 2009, in his fourth professional fight against Lee Swaby.

By nearly knocking HIMSELF  out

No, seriously, he gave himself a right uppercut.

Fury once claimed he could adapt to any style thrown at him. Including his own apparently. A potential rematch in Wembley awaits, where there’s a chance that Fury KO’s Klitschko 

Thanks to BreatheSport for the vine

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