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McGregor vs Aldo : The Ultimate hipster guide

by David Kent | December 11, 2015

The biggest fight for the biggest bandwagon in Irish fighting history. Some say the biggest fight in UFC history. The Notorious against Junior. Here’s where the money is going…

  • 75% of Irish punters believe that McGregor will get the job done, proving that once again, the Irish are backing their own. Dublin and Cork once against proving the nationalist strongholds; over 3/4 of bets in both favoring the ginger fighter at.Support is not so strong in the United Kingdom though, with over 44% of bets going on Aldo at
  • 30 of the 32 counties are backing the Notorious, but Antrim seems to be Aldo country; every bet so far has gone the way of the Brazilian, with Down also showing a majority for the Scarface.A lot of ‘GAA counties’ have only slight majorities for McGregor, with Waterford, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny and Donegal all having over 30% of bets backing Aldo


  • The most popular method of victory is Aldo to add to his 14 knockouts – nearly a quarter of all bets on the market have gone that way at .
  • Only one Conor McGregor fight so far has gone the distance, while a third of Aldo’s have. 57% of you believe this one will be stopped early at

  • Almost a third of bets  say the fight won’t go longer than the third round. There’s only been one occasion where McGregor has gone further than the second round, back in 2013 against Max Holloway. 16 of his 18 MMA/UFC victories have come by knockout.


  • One punter will be left sweating, after placing a bet of €6,000 on McGregor at 11/8, meaning he’s in for a windfall of over 14k if the Irishman can back up his claim to be the ‘real champion’

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