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WWE Royal Rumble: How many wrestlers would it take to lift a Fiat Punto?

Using the best scientific formulas in the land, now you can officially find out how many WWE superstars you'd need to lift an adult hippo being ridden by Donald Trump

by Josh Powell | January 4, 2016

Ever wondered whether Big E and John Cena could lift a phone-box full of barn owls? Or if Roman Reigns, Big Show and Cesaro could bring 150 bags of shopping from your car to your front door in one go?

Well now, thanks to the Paddy Power Blog, we can reveal just how much eight of the WWE’s finest superstars could lift on their own, or combined. Never let it be said that we don’t tackle the important issues here at Power Tower to kick of 2016.

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Being able to lift a fair chunk of weight is crucial in the upcoming Royal Rumble on January 24, with a title shot at WrestleMania the prize that awaits the man who can survive the grueling endurance test. Lift your opponent over the top rope and out on to the floor and he’s eliminated – in the most unique event on the wrestling calendar, 30 men will enter but only one can be victorious.

Using a fine piece of tech-wizardry (see below), you can select as few or as many of the following eight superstars as you want and we’re able to tell you the exact amount they would be able to bench – and what that is the equivalent of. So what are you waiting for? The need-to-know how many wrestlers it would take to lift a dinosaur skeleton being ridden by pantomime dwarves is now…

Click the lads above to see what they can lift


Sadly there will be no opportunity to see Reigns and Ryback lifting 30 sacks of potatoes plus Susan Boyle at this year’s event. But we can hope and pray that day arrives soon…

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