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You’ll Never Walk Alone! Or again! Check out how we’ve been having the LOLZ in Liverpool

by David Kent | January 8, 2016

As a group of young, quick, mobile youngsters (stop laughing down the back!), the Paddy Power team know all about what it takes to pull a hamstring. Which is why we can poke fun at Jurgen Klopp’s situation.

Klopp’s side would give a Magaluf A&E Ward after a three WKDs for the price of one night a run for their money with their list of walking wounded at present. The last couple of weeks has seen hamstrings pop like cheap Christmas crackers around Anfield, so naturally enough, we decided to poke some fun at their unfortunate situation.

As Reds fans gathered in Liverpool city centre to watch Friday night’s FA Cup 3rd Round tie happening hundreds of miles south, we displayed a message outside Lime St. Station. Ho ho! We’re so cheeky. Here it is in all it’s glory. Behold the majesty of digital display advertising.

It’s says ‘You’ll never walk alone (or ever again if you play for Klopp)’ LOLZ

And the reaction around Liverpool centre was literally remarkable. Look as the locals pass by with total indifference walk by it with their heads down probably thinking about how they’re going to WhatsApp our hilarious ad to all their friends. And then obviously all open Paddy Power accounts.


Here’s another picture of the locals not even bothering to turn their necks trying desperately hard not to collapse with laughter.


In retrospect, we should have paid the extra £3.20 and got the photographer to take photos from more than one angle.

So anyway, Liverpool has lots of injuries and that kind of ties in with their famous club anthem – that’s hilarous. They basically had to play their reserves of the reserve team on Friday night due to their sizeable injury list. That list includes first team regulars Daniel Sturridge, Philippe Coutinho and Jordan Ibe who are all out on the sidelines – things are that bad even ‘Razor’ Ruddock is rumoured to be in line for a comeback. It’s a sad state of affairs as he could barely keep up with the pace of the game about 20 years and six stone ago.

Taking a minute out of his Friday night ritual of drinking cognac and smoking cigars while getting his staff to wrestle in caviar for his own amusement, Paddy Power said:

“With a bone-crunching thirteen players out injured it’s said only Jack Wilshere has more injuries than Liverpool and you know things are bad when Sam Allardyce is calling you out – Big Sam hasn’t used his hamstrings since the 1980’s. In all seriousness though I hope the Liverpool lads take heed of our warning before the curse of Klopp gets them too. Now hand me that briefcase full of cash, peasant. I want to light this Cohiba Behike.”

And it wasn’t just the people on the streets that loved it, social media was a buzz of positivity, with one LFC begrduger making his feelings known

Alright, maybe more than one

This was less popular than Diego Costa…

Err, surely there must be someone?

Liverpool Facebook

Aah good old Facebook to the rescue! That was going down quicker than Danny Sturridge after placing one toe out of his hospital bed!

Still. at least there’s a special edition Guess Who for LFC fans to play!


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