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Try your hand at the almost impossible WWE Royal Rumble Quiz

Prove yourself as the cleverest superstar outside of the squared circle

by Josh Powell | January 22, 2016

Let’s be honest – being a huge WWE fan is becoming cool again. Unfortunately, not in a ’10-year-old boy attempting to suplex your brother on a trampoline at your posh Aunt’s house’ cool, but certainly in this hipster world we live in, being a wrestling nerd is now almost seen as a badge of honour.

But while fellow wrestling enthusiasts will admire your knowledge, and stare in awe as you recite Shawn Michaels’ entire entrance music while performing Scotty 2 Hotty’s Worm routine, there hasn’t been much gain for your extensive wrestling smarts. Until now…

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There’s a hell of a lot of pride on the line for the WWE know-it-alls who can somehow get 100 per cent on our ferociously difficult WWE Royal Rumble quiz. We’ve compiled some of the toughest questions from all 30-man Royal Rumbles since 1989 (not including the 40-man event in 2011) to put even the shrewdest WWE fan to the test.

Prove you’re the top dog in the business ahead of this Sunday’s main event.

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