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Absolutely Scrum-ptious: Paddy Power reveals the hottest rugby player in the 6 Nations

Find out which 6 Nations star was deemed the hottest by 1,000 random American women, and which player ended up bottom of the heap.

by Josh Powell | February 12, 2016

The World Cup didn’t go well for the Northern Hemisphere sides last Autumn, but at least we can be comfortable in the knowledge that, with Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve got a seriously good looking bunch of lads playing rugby around here. To put this wild assumption to the test, the Paddy Power Marketing department decided to find out just who was the most attractive 6 Nations player by going around and harassing 1,000 random American women who didn’t know anything about rugby, Paddy Power, or why a small Irishman with a receding hairline was pestering them to fill in our survey.

The results are in, and we can now reveal that the most attractive 6 Nations superstar is…

England’s James Haskell. Yes, forget the complete World Cup disaster on home soil, English rugby is number one again – at least when it comes to producing relatively good looking players. Haskell just edged it from Scottish stud-muffin Sam Hidalgo-Clyne and the Italian Stallion Andrea Pratichetti. Unfortunately not a single Irishman made the top 10 proving that American women have frankly shocking taste, but Josh Van Der Flier is the Emerald Isle’s highest rated hottie.


Yeah, unfortunately not great news if you’re Matteo Zanusso or Uini Atonio, but we’re not going to dwell on that. Partly becasue we’re a sound bunch of lads, but mostly because we like our faces the way they are.

But where did my rugby heart-throb George Ford finish I hear you cry? And what about that loveable rogue Johnny Sexton? Well here’s your chance to have a completely lust-filled stalk without ever having to revisit your neighbour’s Malaga ’05 pictures on Facebook. We’ve got all 200 players in a nifty sortable table for you to play with. Enjoy!

Rank Player Nation Position Score
1James HaskellEnglandFlanker7.13
2Sam Hidalgo-ClyneScotlandScrum Half7.09
3Andrea PratichettiItalyCentre6.91
4Danny CareEnglandScrum Half6.83
5Sean MaitlandScotlandWinger6.82
6George FordEnglandFly Half6.50
7Hugo BonnevalFranceWinger6.49
8Sean LamontScotlandWinger6.47
9Kristian DaceyWalesHooker6.47
10Sébastien Bézy FranceScrum Half6.46
11Tim VisserScotlandWinger6.43
12Tyler Morgan WalesCentre6.37
13Jean-Marc DoussainFranceFly Half6.28
14Rhys Priestland WalesFly Half6.20
15Owen FarrellEnglandFly Half6.13
16Chris FusaroScotlandBack Row6.12
17Matthew MorganWales Fly Half6.12
18Alex DunbarScotlandCentre6.11
19Josh Van De Flier IrelandBack Row6.10
20Tommy O'DonnellIrelandBack Row6.08
21George North WalesWinger6.03
22Sam Hill EnglandCentre6.02
23Giulio BisegniItalyCentre5.99
24Dominic DayWalesSecond Row5.98
25Robbie HenshawIrelandCentre5.80
26Elliot DalyEnglandCentre5.80
27Ornel GegaItalyHooker5.79
28Chris AshtonEnglandWinger5.75
29Gareth AnscombeWalesFull Back5.75
30Jonathan JosephEnglandCentre5.72
31Mattia BelliniItalyWinger5.67
32Edoardo Gori ItalyScrum Half5.65
33John Hardie ScotlandBack Row5.65
34Peter HorneScotlandCentre5.59
35Morgan ParraFranceScrum Half5.54
36Alexandre FlanquartFranceSecond Row5.53
37Gareth Davies WalesScrum Half5.50
38Matt ScottScotlandCentre5.46
39Alexandre FlanquartFranceSecond Row5.46
40Damien ChoulyFranceBack Row5.38
41Rob KearneyIrelandFull Back5.37
42John BarclayScotlandBack Row5.35
43Mark BennettScotlandCentre5.33
44Scott BaldwinWalesHooker5.28
45Ollie DevotoEnglandCentre5.25
46Jonny GrayScotlandSecond Row5.22
47CJ StanderIrelandBack Row5.22
48David OdieteItalyWinger5.19
49Luke McLeanItalyFull Back5.19
50Finn RussellScotlandFly Half5.17
51Luke MarshallIrelandCentre5.17
52Greig LaidlawScotlandScrum Half5.16
53Simon ZeeboIrelandWinger5.13
54Sergio ParisseItalyBack Row5.12
55Sebastian VahaamahinaFranceSecond Row5.10
56Ian MadiganIrelandFly Half5.10
57Matt MullanEnglandProp5.08
58Dan BiggarWalesFly Half5.07
59Adam AsheScotlandBack Row5.03
60Jefferson PoirotFranceProp4.99
61Ruardih JacksonScotlandFull Back4.98
62Tim SwinsonScotlandSecond Row4.97
63Anthony WatsonEnglandWinger4.96
64Stuart McInallyScotlandHooker4.95
65Kevin GourdonFranceBack Row4.95
66Luke CharterisWalesSecond Row4.95
67Richie GrayScotlandSecond Row4.94
68Paul JedrasiakFranceSecond Row4.94
69Dan LydiateWalesBack Row4.93
70Duncan TaylorScotlandCentre4.92
71Ben Youngs EnglandScrum Half4.92
72Duncan WeirScotlandFly Half4.90
73Cory AllenWalesCentre4.88
74Maxime MedardFranceWinger4.87
75Tom James WalesWinger4.87
76Jules PlissonFranceFly Half4.83
77Camille ChatFranceHooker4.82
78Chris RobshawEnglandFlanker4.78
79Leonardo GhiraldiniItalyHooker4.77
80Jared PayneIrelandCentre4.77
81Maro FuserItalySecond Row4.77
82Sean O'BrienIrelandBack Row4.73
83David DentonScotlandBack Row4.71
84Ross Moriaty WalesBack Row4.66
85Marland YardeEnglandWinger4.62
86Dave KearneyIrelandWinger4.61
87Leonardo SartoItalyWinger4.60
88Stuart McCloskeyIrelandCentre4.59
89Jamie HeaslipIrelandBack Row4.57
90Rob HerringIrelandHooker4.57
91Zander FagersonScotlandProp4.56
92Stuart HoggScotlandFull Back4.53
93Jonathan Davies WalesCentre4.52
94Bradley Davies WalesSecond Row4.51
95Tommaso CastelloItalyCentre4.49
96Andrew TrimbleIrelandWinger4.49
97Moray LowScotlandProp4.49
98Maxime MachenaudFranceScrum Half4.49
99Guglielmo PalazzaniItalyScrum Half4.46
100Pat MacArthurScotlandHooker4.45
101Antoine BurbanFranceBack Row4.41
102Aled Davies WalesScrum Half4.39
103Maro Itoje EnglandSecond Row4.38
104Hallan AmosWalesWinger4.38
105Lloyd Williams WalesScrum Half4.35
106Conor MurrayIrelandScrum Half4.35
107Jack Clifford EnglandBack Row4.34
108Louis PicamolesFranceBack Row4.28
109Keith Earls IrelandWinger4.27
110Sam WarburtonWalesBack Row4.25
111Mike BrownEnglandFull Back4.22
112Tommy Seymour ScotlandWinger4.19
113Edoardo PadovaniItalyFly Half4.15
114James KingWalesBack Row4.14
115Liam Williams WalesFull Back4.13
116Rhys RuddockIrelandBack Row4.12
117Alex GoodeEnglandFull Back4.12
118Paddy JacksonIrelandFly Half4.11
119Gael FickouFranceCentre4.11
120Wesley FofanaFranceCentre4.11
121Talupe FaletauWalesBack Row4.11
122Remy Lamerat FranceCentre4.10
123Sean CroninIrelandHooker4.06
124Michele CampagnaroItalyCentre4.05
125Alasdair DickinsonScotlandProp4.04
126Courtney LawesEnglandSecond Row4.04
127Jamie Roberts WalesCentre4.02
128Joe Launchbury EnglandSecond Row4.02
129Paul HillEnglandProp4.02
130Josh Beaumont EnglandSecond Row3.97
131Jacopo SartoItalyWinger3.97
132Yoann MaestriFranceSecond Row3.96
133Jack NowellEnglandWinger3.96
134Eddy Ben Arous FranceProp3.96
135Justin TipuricWalesBack Row3.94
136Keiron MarmionIrelandScrum Half3.93
137Wenceslas Lauret FranceBack Row3.91
138Ultan DillaneIrelandSecond Row3.90
139Rory Best IrelandHooker3.89
140George Kruis EnglandSecond Row3.88
141Dan Cole EnglandProp3.87
142Gordon Reid ScotlandProp3.82
143Alun Wyn Jones WalesSecond Row3.82
144George Fabio BiagiItalySecond Row3.81
145Alexandre DumoulinFranceCentre3.73
146Guilhem GuiradoFranceHooker3.73
147Donnacha RyanIrelandSecond Row3.70
148Jonathan DantyFranceCentre3.69
149Josh TurnbullWalesBack Row3.68
150William NelScotlandProp3.65
151Kelly HaimonaItalyCentre3.64
152Alex CuthbertWalesWinger3.63
153Dylan HartleyEnglandHooker3.61
154Henry ThomasEnglandProp3.59
155Andrea LovottiItalyProp3.57
156Yacouba CamaraFranceFlanker3.57
157Devin TonerIrelandSecond Row3.56
158Aaron Jarvis WalesProp3.56
159Johnny SextonIrelandFly Half3.56
160Ross FordScotlandHooker3.56
161Blair CowanScotlandBack Row3.55
162Marty MooreIrelandProp3.52
163Ben ToolisScotlandSecond Row3.48
164Matt KvesicEnglandFlanker3.46
165Luke Fitzgerald IrelandWinger3.44
166Lorenzo CittadiniItalyProp3.40
167Paul James WalesProp3.40
168Luke Cowan-DickieEnglandHooker3.39
169Jamie George EnglandHooker3.37
170Ken Owens WalesProp3.30
171Joe Marler EnglandProp3.28
172Mike McCarthy IrelandSecond Row3.28
173James CroninIrelandProp3.24
174Dario ChistoliniItalyProp3.22
175Mako Vunipola EnglandProp3.17
176Jonathan DantyFranceCentre3.16
177Jack McGrathIrelandProp3.14
178Jake BallWalesSecond Row3.10
179Eoin ReddanIrelandScrum Half3.09
180Richardt Strauss IrelandHooker3.08
181Billy Vunipola EnglandBack Row3.08
182Gethin Jenkins WalesProp3.07
183Benjamin FallFranceWinger3.04
184Scott Spedding FranceFull Back3.04
185Rory SutherlandScotlandProp3.01
186Nathan White IrelandProp3.00
187Alessandro ZanniItalyBack Row2.99
188Tomas Francis WalesProp2.99
189Francesco MintoItalyBack Row2.97
190Josh StraussScotlandBack Row2.96
191Samson LeeWalesProp2.94
192Rabah SlimaniFranceProp2.94
193Rob EvansWalesProp2.78
194Valerio BernaboItalySecond Row2.62
195Carlo CannaItalyFly Half2.60
196Tadhg FurlongIrelandProp2.60
197Gonzalo Garcia ItalyCentre2.59
198Uini AtonioFranceProp2.43
199Martin CastrogiovanniItalyProp2.41
200Matteo ZanussoItalyProp1.99

So which team would be most likely to make us go weak at the news. We’ve compiled the hunkiest international team from our data, to bring you ‘The Scrummiest XV‘ at the 6 Nations. We’ve also chipped in with the unfortunate blokes at the bottom of the pile, who according to our American women, wouldn’t do well if they were on the pull in the good ol’ US of A. Don’t take it too seriously though – remember this is info coming form a country that still might elect Donald Trump.


James Haskell might have been the hottest player in our survey, but overall things are looking good if you’re Scottish. While a 6 Nations title is beyond the Scots grasp, they can crown themselves the best looking nation involved in the competition. Who needs a Grand Slam when you have such a dashing smile and wonderful hair? England came in second, and Wales just pipped France for third. We won’t talk about Ireland.


And because we work for Paddy Power, and thus are encouraged to be a little out there, we decided to ask each of the women who took part a number of questions such as hair colour, marital status, weight, who they vote for, and whether or not they think 9/11 was a conspiracy. It may seem a little weird, but the below table does allow us to make hilariously accurate statements such as:

  • Red haired American women think Wales have the most attractive 6 Nations team
  • American woman who are over 60 have a thing for the French squad – particularly Hugo Bonneval
  • The lowest earning American women fancy the Scots
  • And those American women who believe 9/11 was in fact a massive conspiracy, are also convinced that the English 6 Nations team are super fit.

Take from that what you will…



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