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Irishman compares Irish General Election to Irish football players and the result is sensational

by Aidan Elder | February 24, 2016

Er … so the Alliance of People Against Potholes want to fix the health service with money the country doesn’t have while Fianna Fein want to build more houses for the homeless with money the country doesn’t have? And everybody wants to reduce taxes with money the country doesn’t have? This is confusing.

Nearly three weeks into Ireland’s General Election campaign and it’s safe to say our heads have been melted with a whirlwind of promises, petty squabbles and politicians pointing out how inept each other is. But the end is in sight as come Friday, the nation will head to the ballot boxes and decide which people they want pretending they’re actually running the country for the next five years.

With a surge of new parties, alliances and Independent candidates, the picture has got exceedingly blurry, but thankfully one creative Irishman has come up with an easy to understand metaphor that most of can easily get our heads around – comparing the parties to members of the Irish football team. And the results are magnificent:


Hilarious, but also oddly poignant – and slightly depressing specially when you think while it might be fun to recall the excitement of agony of World Cup 2002, you suddenly remember its 2016 and we’re unlikely to ever have it so good again. Both in footballing and social-political terms. We’re just going to head off to a cupboard and cry.

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